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Admission Process

Admission is open to all Indian children in all classes subject to qualifying the Admission Test, availability of seats and at the discretion of the school authorities. Children of other schools & states will also be considered for admission if seats are available.Students on transfer from a recoganised English Medium School affiliated to the CBSE or any State Boards will be admitted on the strength of their Transfer Certificates and other documents provided they have 75% attendance by the end of the Academic year, when the number of days already attended and the days likely to be attended in this school are combined.

Application for admission should be made in the prescribed form available at the School office (Accounts Section). All conditions laid down in the prospectus and application form are to be strictly followed. Guidelines on the procedure for admission are furnished below.
1. Fill up the admission form in all respects.
2. Meet the concerned Wing in charge for admission test.
3. Get your documents verified from the Administrative Office.
4. Get the final approval of the Principal.
5. Pay the fees at Accounts Office.
6. Get List of textbooks and notebooks and purchase from Any Books Store of the Dabwali.
7. School uniforms to be purchased from market

Admission Regulations
1. Incomplete forms will not be considered.
2. There will be a written test for admission from classes 3rd onwards.
3. No preference will be given for early submission of admission form.
4. Filling up of admission form, taking the Admission Test and attending interview do not guarantee admission in the School. Admission is purely at the discretion of the Wings in charge and the Principal.
5. Parents whose children are already studying in the School cannot claim admission for their younger wards as a matter of right.
6. Both the parents and the child must be present at the time of interview with copies of relevant documents as mentioned below.
7. The applicant must have valid Resident Permit for admission to be finalised.
8. Selection will be automatically cancelled if fee is not paid on the last date stipulated by the school and no reminders will be sent to parents in this regard.
9. Parents are to ensure that all the documents required for registration are obtained well in advance in order to avoid delay in admission. Submission of incomplete forms will not be accepted and admission will be cancelled.
10. Request for transfer of section and choice of class teacher by parents will not be entertained.
11. Parents are requested to adhere to the following age requirements as per CBSE rules.

Classes : Age (as on 1st April of the respective academic year)
1st Grade : 5 Years Plus 2nd Grade : 6 Years Plus
3rd Grade : 7 Years Plus 4th Grade : 8 Years Plus
5th Grade : 9 Years Plus 6th Grade : 10 Years Plus
7th Grade : 11 Years Plus 8th Grade : 12 Years Plus
9th Grade : 13 Years Plus 11th Grade : 15 Years Plus
(The above-mentioned age stipulations shall not apply to children coming from other schools with valid certificates)
NOTE: Admissions are made under Haryana School Education Rules 2007 & ammendments which also applies on rule 134A admissions. Applicants have to apply till 15th April . So that they can be selected by draw system if required.
Govt. has not clarified the queries regarding 134A and RTE. So, after getting proper instructions and clarifications students will be admitted and instructed.
Admission (P. K. Testing though WRITTEN and ORAL TESTS
Admission test shall be conducted in the following subjects:
LKG : Oral test of the language ability of the child.
UKG : English & Hindi alphabet (capital letters) and numbers.
I to IX: English, Mathematics, Science and Social Science.
Class XI: Science Stream: English, Mathematics and Science.
ClassXI: Commerce Stream: English, Maths & Social Science.