Principal's Desk

After establishing a landmark in the field of 'High School Education', we realize there is a scope for bringing the same stress free learning to the 10+2 school segment. Infact, parents tell us that they would like the same quality of learning to continue after their children senior secondary education from HPS and that is why we have now embarked on establishing a nationwide chain of formal schools under the brand "HPS" [Popular meaning: Hamara Pyara School] i.e. after the "Homely Atmosphere" solid foundation at HPS, children can find their own "path" at HPS.

The essence of learning at HPS is best captured by its motto :– Where Studying & Learning @ Speed of Thoughts.

HPS will be powered by our unique research based school system, which integrates Conducive Learning Environments, Innovative Curriculam, Engaging Teaching Methods and Personalised Assessment, to make learing Interesting, Engaging and Motivating.

Designed by award winning educationalists of India, this school system has been developed after many years of in-depth research and first hand teaching expereince and we hope HPS will help us to spread the light of quality education across the country.

We welcome you to our website where through words and pictures we have tried to capture the eseence of HPS.

Ramesh Sachdeva

Managing Director Cum Principal